Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Hhhh Hideaway Pizza: Y P e R

Thanks to BlockPartyPress (fellow PCAGOE member!) for pointing me towards Spell With Flickr.

Well, I thought I'd check in even though I've barely made much since I last posted. Summers are happily busy at my house. It's one of the benefits of living near the beach - everyone wants to come visit you during the summer. But everyone wants to come visit you during the summer. So while things are quiet-bordering-on-boring for the rest of the year, summer is nuts! I love it, though. I love the excuse to do the touristy things like go to the boardwalk and get Thrasher's Fries and Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard. Somehow sitting in standstill traffic in 98-degree heat doesn't seem so bad when you have friends in the car who are so excited to be sitting in traffic.

The point is, I haven't gotten my hands dirty with any clay lately. I haven't even had time to put all my supplies away, which I need to do before the weekend so we can use the dining room table to play some poker and the like.

I did make this page to contribute to the 2008 Diary Project being put together by Fantazya:


It looks like it is going to be a super-cool diary, made up of pages designed by different Etsy sellers and groups, and I can't wait to get my hands on one. I'll post when they go up for sale! It also gave me a chance to try out my new Wacom tablet for the first time, and to have some fun drawing with it and getting used to the feel of it before I start using it for my photo restoration & retouching. Which, by the way, is going to start taking up a lot more of my time, so I think for a while my Etsy shop will be limited to custom order and fits of fancy. No more mass produced pendants. Oh, and I think I see a price increase in the near-ish future, because with the USPS price hike, and using more materials these days, I'm not seeing much of a profit. So if you see something you like in my shop, BUY IT NOW!!!

For you fellow sellers, I thought I'd post a few links about the selling (versus the crafty) side of things I came across which might be beneficial...


Jason h said...

Hey! i'm going to cali this sunday.. gonna be there for a week, this is the site i was talking about where i made the extra cash. later!

Ben Can Dance said...

Hey, Beach...fries, boardwalk? I'm coming over!! :)