Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Big congratulations to BeeTreebyME who was the July winner of the PCAGOE challenge!

The theme for July was "Summer Memories." What a STUNNING piece!

Here is her description of her inspiration for this entry:

“My summer memory is of being able to play outside after dark .

The world seemed transformed by the darkness.
My friends and I loved to catch lighting bugs .
We kept them for awhile in jars that became like lanterns!
We were captivated by the magical glow !
Summer nights still hold a special magic!
This little guy owes his light to the magic of “glow in the dark ” polymer clay!” m.e.

BeeTreebyME is one of our newest members of the PCAGOE, and has already been hard at work participating in the monthly challenge and other guild events and activities. Stop by and check out her shop full of gorgeous polymer clay work. Welcome to the group, and once again, CONGRATS!

The August challenge theme has been announced as "The Ocean." I've wanted to participate in the last two monthly challenges, but just been short on time. I'm not promising anything at this point, but I think a nice sit by the ocean is in order, and I'll see if I have an epiphany.

Coming soon, I'll be posting my first ever blog interview! If you're anything like me, this Etsy seller's work is going to take your breath away...

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