Thursday, July 26, 2007

PCAGOE July Challenge - Vote! Win!!

It's that time again, cats and kittens. Time for you to choose between the best and the brightest of this month's entries in the Polymer Clay Guild of Etsy's (PCAGOE) Challenge!

Voting starts at NOON (EST) today, Thursday, July 26, 2007.

This month's challenge was to " Create something inspired by your favorite summer memory."

As always, I ask you to please vote, and, if you know anyone in the challenge, to
please be impartial and choose you favorite piece, regardless of who made it or who is your friend, etc., etc. We in the PCAGOE are all grown-ups who are looking for a fair competition, and we're all having fun and being creative, and that, not winning, is the point. BUT, that said, YOU, the voter, could win some cool prizes too!

While you're there, don't forget to sign up for the monthly PCAGOE mailing list (the sign-up form is at the top right of the page, just below our logo!) which yours truly is heading up, and which is due to start in all its glory at the beginning of next month! It will be full of fun, news, bargains, and sneak peeks!

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