Thursday, March 4, 2010

I came across at least a year ago, thought it was a great idea, mentioned it to some people, and then promptly forgot about it. WELL. This week, I have not been able to keep my crafty little mitts off of it! I ordered some cards/prints of works by sadeyedartist (great artist!) through them, and got SUCKED in. It's a little hard to search there for anything in particular, but that has just led to me spending more time exploring the site and finding artists and pieces that I love!

Not to mention inspiration. I can definitely feel some inspiration coming on, and I hope that after the baby comes I will find at least a little time in my life while I'm on maternity leave to toy around in Photoshop and get back into the swing of things. Luckily, it's something I can do one-handed! Maybe open a RedBubble shop of my own... and maybe, just maybe, finally get around to joining the local art league... maybe. Baby steps. Right now, let's just think about making art for art's sake.