Friday, February 15, 2008


Every year, my husband and I make Valentine's for each other. That's the rule. We can't spend any money on gifts, although we do often (as we did yesterday) go out for a nice meal or date of some kind. But there are no diamond pendants or other expensive gifts. I can't imagine it any other way. I now have a collection of amazing mementos of our years together. Each one was made with so much love.

Valentine - Jeremiah to Holly (Outside)
This is the front of my husband's valentine to me. I unfolded it to show the whole picture at once. You can't see in the scan but the moon and stars are metallic silver.

And the inside...
Valentine - Jeremiah to Holly (Inside)

The front of mine to my husband...
Valentine - Holly to Jeremiah (Front)

and the back...
Valentine - Holly to Jeremiah (Back)



Block Party Press said...

What a sweet idea! You are very lucky!!

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