Thursday, February 21, 2008

Think Warm!

I shouldn't complain, as I live in a fairly mild climate, but man, it's cold out there! I think that it feels especially cold because I'm comparing it to the recent unseasonably warm weather. Regardless, I'm ready for spring, and it appears I'm not the only one with springtime on the brain...

StormyDesigns is waiting for these little ladies to come back out and frolic in the spring blooms.

Pair of Sculpted Ladybug

Button/Ponytail/Cellphone Charms- $9 at

Mosaico's lightswitch covers will make that indoor light a little more bright and sunny until the real thing comes back.

Evening Sunflower Decorative Switchplate - $12.50 at

Clayspirits' flowers remind me of childhood days filled with sunshine and flowers and candy!

Spring Flower Necklace - $48 at

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