Friday, November 2, 2007

Too cute to waste

"A Very Blustery Day"
Silhouette Transfer Pendant & Pin Set

"Victorian Miss"
Silhouette Transfer Pendant & Pin Set

Two sets that are already listed in the shop, with more on the way....

Ran into some problems with the finish/coating on Round One of my new pendant series, but they were just so darn cute, I couldn't bear to toss them, so I have marked this round down extensively in my Etsy shop. The pieces from this batch are adorable, and the finish is not really an issue except that I don't want to misrepresent my work. I have been wearing one and have gotten nothing but compliments on it! The next bath will be fine, as I will go back to Plan A (and no longer mess with a good thing!) and the prices will go back up.

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