Monday, November 26, 2007

PCAGOE November Challenge: Mokume Gane




1. Mokume Gane Frame and Switchplate Cover by
2. Butterfly Necklace by
3. Red-and-Gold by
4. Christmas ornament 2007 by
5. Mokume Gane Pendant by
6. Retro Swirlz by
7. Pink MG Pendant by
8. Mokume Gane Earrings by
9. Mokume Gane Necklace by
10. Mokume Vase Brooch by
11. Earthmother Mokume Gane Pendant by
12. Gift Box by
13. Mokume Gane Bead Set by
14. Teardrop Mokume’ Gane Beads by
15. Half Moon Pendant by
16. Cuff Bracelet by
17. Plum Wine-Mokume Gane Mirror -
18. Mokume Gane Pendant by
19. Mokume Gane Egg Ornament by
20. Mokume Gane beads by
21. Shattered Mokume by
22. Mokume Gane Vase by
23. Cherry Blossom Perfume Atomizer & Mirror Compact by
24. Holiday Pins by
25. ACEO LOVE by
26. Under the Microscope Brooch by

It's time once again for the PCAGOE monthly challenge! Here are this month's entries. The theme this month was to create a polymer clay item using the mokume gane technique.

Mokume gane is originally a Japanese metalworking technique that was adapted as a polymer clay technique. Mokume gane is created by layering very thin sheets of polymer clay, then distorting the stack with any number of tools and then shaving off thin slices to show off the colors, layers and patterns created within the stack. You can also add inclusions such as metal leaf and inks to create further variations or use stamps and texture plates to create interesting imagery. Here is a mokume gane tutorial created by one of our members, This technique offers up a ton of possibilities, and our members have done a great job in showcasing the many different variations mokume gane has to offer. Many members had never tried this technique , so amazingly some of these are first time efforts. Thanks to all that participated!

VOTE and WIN the incredible Polymer Clay Prize Pack (created by PCAGOE members) listed below and valued at over $150 !!!! This month’s prize includes earrings, necklaces, a bracelet, loose beads and pendants, brooches, a pen and holder, a magnetic refrigerator vase and a cell phone charm, as well as a copy of the Winter 2007 Premier issue of Make it Mine which includes lots of great craft projects courtesy of Polymer Clay Productions and Kalmbach Publishing Co. The PCAGOE Member who wins the challenge this month will win $20 and as well as the Make it Mine Magazine and the book, The Best of Bead&Button Magazine Polymer Pizazz, also from Kalmbach Publishing Co.



All you have to do is vote for the winner and you will be entered into a drawing for a fabulous polymer clay prize pack created by the talented members of the PCAGOE. Take a look at all of the entries for the November Mokume Gane Challenge. Keep in mind the theme of using the mokume gane technique and how well the piece interprets the theme. Visit the PCAGOE website and vote for your favorite - please note that e-mail addresses will be used to contact the winners only and will not be used for any other purpose . Two winners will be randomly chosen from all of the voters. You can vote once between 12noon on November 26th and midnight (Eastern Standard Time)on November 28th . The winners will be announced on November 29th.

To view the entries close-up and to read the descriptions of the items, please click on the title links below the entry photos. To purchase any of the items, or to see what else the artists have to offer, click on the shop names listed below the entry

A final note: As much as I appreciate the unrelenting support, please don't vote for mine just because you love me! Vote for the one you love most, regardless of who made it - there are so many great entries to choose from!

Thank you and good luck!!


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