Monday, August 6, 2007

Inspired by Kolyla & a New Transfer!

My last post, in which I interviews left me itching to cut some paper. There's a door in our living room which faces west and in the evening, when the sun sets, it blasts through the sheer curtain. 2 + 2 = 4!

Cost = Free
Look = priceless

And then it was time to get down to business. I'm about take that previously-discussed hiatus from polymer clay, while I work on some photo restorations, but first there are still a few things to be done.

One is now done - an image transfer ornament for my parents' 35th anniversary which is today.

Weren't they groovy? 1972!

This was also my first foray into using copper bronzing powders from the dollar store makeup section. Thank goodness it was for my parents, because just as I finished, the bottom point of the heart broke off! I mended it pretty well, but if it were for a paying customer (as opposed to my parents who love me, mistakes and all), I would have had to start all over again!

In progress are two custom pendants I'm working on - 2 grandmothers of one lucky lady!

Don't forget that I do custom orders, which make great holiday gifts! Order early and get to the head of the holiday rush list, and have an ornament in time to put on the tree, or a pendant in time to put around your sweetie's neck!

Now that I have to put the clay away, I'm dying to work with it more. Isn't that just always the case...

Lastly, breaking news: I'm featured today in a treasury made by someone from Adorn Magazine! It's one of my supplies, not my artwork, but that's ok - it's still exposure, and it means someone from Adorn was at my shop!

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Block Party Press said...

Lovely gift for your parents! Kudos on the addition to the Adorn treasury!!